El Tocador Hairdressing Services list

Our hairdresser salon in Torremolinos offers all kinds of hairdressing services only for womens. We are specialized in advanced coloring techniques, Balayage Studio and Taninoplasty treatment. Very natural results of long durability and easy maintenance, also haircuts, highlights, color, hairups, reflections, masks and intensive moisturizing treatments.

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The salon has evolved greatly over the years, the meaning of hairdressers from all time has changed and varied specializations each particular hairdresser normally base esthetic services are offered mainly haircuts, hairstyles, but also generally done other services like shaved, depilated, manicures, pedicures. When these services are offered different salon usually called, though in our hairdresser in Torremolinos, just offer hairdressing services in general specializing in color, highlights, cuts, hairstyles, masks, etc.

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The oldest reference in hairdressing services we have, was originally in Egypt, where he began to make the most significant changes in terms of hair cosmetics. In this great nation as culturally, the people in general, as in many other places around the world, they are peeled whole head and then let their hair long, although it is known that members of the ruling elite, is hair care dedicated to playing with different hairstyles and colors.

Wigs also had their height and had a special hairdressing techniques and traditional predominance of straight hair with bangs, very even cut in a length that reached his shoulders. But another great contribution of the Egyptians was the development of staining techniques, since they discovered the usefulness of henna, which allowed them to get red and mahogany colors.

As for hairdressing today, in these times, we can find different techniques that are advanced, with which offer, a great range of possibilities in hairdressing, of which can be enjoyed in our hairdressing Torremolinos, El Tocador.